HOW WE DO IT; the little details…

BLYNK sends information REAL-TIME to appropriate personnel who may be in another location, on-site, or remote.

Using a method of complex calculations and hardware BLYNK can triangulate its position

(for locating the device) and model its location graphically without addition investment to infrastructure. Moreover, BLYNK can be remotely triggered to audibly alarm on the device, so BLYNK acts as a locator or theft deterrent system. This added function helps BioMed find devices for Preventive Maintenance or when it is removed from the hospital.

For clinical applications, the hospital decides what device lights it would like BLYNK to track and what to do with the information. A facility can take certain ‘data’ and make ‘logical’ information with it. This queried information can take form as a data file or custom report. One example might be; if JACHO/CHEST suggests a device is used for a minimum amount of time per 24-hour period, BLYNK can transmit the device being on or off and the elapsed time between these markers would be the amount of time between this 24-hour period. It can then automatically send an exception report, or place the information in the patient’s record. This may differ for the acuity levels of the patient population.

The revolutionary engineering of BLYNK allows BLYNK to recognize the color of the light. If the light is flashing, BLYNK will be able to distinguish something on the device, BLYNK will recognize that. BLYNK will also recognize the speed of the flashes.
BLYNK is battery powered so it does not need mains. BLYNK is small and will not distract from the product or interfere with mounting or storing the device.

BLYNK transmits through the existing hospital WiFi systems with very low bandwidth.

BLYNK is cloud based so authorized personnel may obtain data from anywhere. Bank Level encryption and communication standards are used to keep data secure. Cloud control panel provides Data Analytics and Metrics that can be used by the facility for KPIs.

BLYNK can reduce patient anxiety because the staff are notified, so will be on top of any device alarms.

Product Specifications/Dimensions

BLYNK is rectangular in shape (about 6cm x 2.2cm x 2.2cm). The basic model has the location feature.

A second model includes one to three fiber-optic thread which connect, but does not obscure, the device's LED light. BLYNK reads light. BLYNK reads the light's color, and the light's pulses, if blinking or predetermined conditions are met. BLYNK will transmit this information to a smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop or to any Internet Device. BLYNK picks up all visible light, which is between 390 and 700 nm. BLYNK is manufactured will all Underwriter’s Labs “UL” sensors and processors. BLYNK is made from Hi-Impact ABS; it can be cleaned with any hospital approved non-phenyl based cleaner.
BLYNK uses a Lithium Ion battery with protection circuit. Before battery voltage is below the amount needed, it self notifies.