What can BLYNK do for you?

  • BLYNK helps hospitals meet JACHO and ECRI recommendations on false alarms.

  • BLYNK extends the useful life of devices. Saving the facility the costs of upgrading.

  • BLYNK improves patient, family and caregiver satisfaction.

  • BLYNK saves time reducing labor costs and improving productivity

  • BLYNK stores information and alerts such as alarm codes

  • BLYNK will help locate the device.

  • BLYNK helps BioMed find devices to do required Preventive Maintenance.

  • BLYNK can locate a device(s) under recall.

  • BLYNK has an internal alarm which can alert when the device leaves the hospital.

  • BLYNK saves labor by transmitting the information to the caregiver (nurse, biomed, loss prevention, et al) so it can be actioned, rather than the caregiver needing to be present by the device.

  • BLYNK's sends information which can be customized to any required format. Data can be used by proprietary or programs, such as, EXCEL, WORD,   ACCESS. Reports can be automatically delivered by email or transferred to a data collection or compliance system.

BLYNK in no way precludes the device from functioning independently in its approved form, fit or function. Without modifying the device, BLYNK modernizes it by improving information transfer in a cost effective, power efficient platform.

BLYNK sends information REAL-TIME to appropriate personnel who may be in another location on-site or remote through a high secure SSL

BLYNK can be remoted triggered to audibly alarm on the device, so BLYNK acts as a locator or theft deterrent system. This added function helps BioMed find devices for Preventive Maintenance or when it is removed from the hospital.


How does your product improve clinical outcomes? Verifiable information supporting your claim of innovation: Also, safety benefits?

  • BLYNK will alert the caregivers of issues with devices so patient's will get quicker care reducing false alarms. In an acute care facility, “the prudent use of labor without compromising care will improve patient outcomes, employee, patient and visitor satisfaction”.

  • BLYNK reduces patient product concerns.

  • BLYNK assists caregivers in detection and recording events.

  • BLYNK can be a clinical research tool which sends data that matched to outcomes will evolve into 'Best Practices".

  • Low cost of acquisition.

  • Low cost to use because BLYNK only needs the occasional battery charge.

  • Works with existing Hospital Wi-Fi Infrastructure.

  • Cloud Based Dashboard.

  • Easy to install.

  • Can be cleaned along with the device using the same hospital grade products.

  • High Level Secure Information Protocol.

  • By attaching BLYNK caregivers can quickly find devices.

  • Customizable data alerts and reports.

  • Works with Windows, iOS and Android Platforms.

  • Alerts stakeholders individually or all at once with customize-able information.

  • Labor Cost Savings.

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