Reduce Alarm Fatigue and Sensory Overload In A Clinical Environment & Be Able To Locate An Asset Quickly.


The World’s First Battery Powered, Cloud Based,

Clinical Alert Accessory.


BLYNK is the world’s first battery powered small add-on device accessory that connects any medical device to a smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop (any Internet Protocol Device) in a Real-Time Cloud Based Artificial Intelligence “AI” platform.

BLYNK reads the devices’ LED lights and transmits, what the light is indicating [color, frequency], to caregivers (such as; Physicians, Nursing, BioMed, Loss Prevention) or directly into the patient’s record, by connecting to the device. Hence, the device is remotely monitored and can be configured to update its status to the Control Panel. This is accomplished without wires connecting the device to the wall or bed, as used in current methodologies. Conditions on the device (e.g. any alarms) are still visible from device’s existing LED alert mechanisms.

I’ve seen BLYNK and it’s an amazing addition to a device.
— Edward Johnson, The Device Portal
BLYNK should save our facility a significant amount in capital spend by rejuvenating working devices.
— Al White, Hospital Edge
Purchasing BLYNK will be a wonderful way to not only secure but allow us to find our assets.
— Peter Chang, THN
While I’ve seen a lot of products which clinically advance products, BLYNK is one which facilities must have.
— Henry Smitten, Care Widget

Get your Medical Devices BLYNK READY.