Locate An Asset Quickly and Reduce Alarm Fatigue and Sensory Overload In A Clinical Environment.


The World’s First Battery Powered, Cloud Based, Asset Locator and Clinical Alert Accessory.


BLYNK is the world’s first battery powered small add-on device accessory that connects any medical device to a smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop (any Internet Protocol Device) in a Real-Time Cloud Based Artificial Intelligence “AI” platform.

Asset Tracking: Location, location, location...

Expensive equipment can be lost, stolen, or misplaced leading to wasted time, and increased cost.  

Imagine being able to locate any piece of equipment from IV pumps to lifts, wheelchairs, Stretchers, Beds, Carts, SCDs and Wound VACs anywhere in the facility - all for pennies a day.

Preventive Maintenance: a safety issue.

“At any given time, we don't know where 20% of our equipment is!”

-Prominent Healthcare System, VP Facilities, BioMed

BLYNK can keep a record of all PMs done on in-house equipment and notify when PMs are due preventing unnecessary risk.

Clinical Alert: help is on the way…

Alarm fatigue is real; patients and families are concerned when alarms are not addressed in a timely manner. BLYNK can be attached to any light source on the equipment via fiber optic cable and transfer its information, via light, to the BLYNK dashboard. BioMed or nursing can be immediately alerted as to whether or not the equipment is on or off or alarming and where is it located for quick response.


Get your Medical Devices BLYNK READY.